I am sure everyone by now has heard the study claiming that the MMR shot causes autism was false.  For all of you out there, that claim that shots are great and everything-Congratulations!!

I don’t.  I have a child who has had problems with shots, and yes it was MMR.  Ok.  When you have a child that has problems with shots, then you might agree with me.  If you choose to get your kid, all their needed shots then fine, that is your choice.  I am not in any way telling to not vaccinate your kids.  I do know that shots are being given to kids at an alarming rate these days.  They are getting more shots, than we received as kids.  I do have a problem when my kid is injected with a live virus, such as chickenpox.  Giving a shot to reduce ear infections, and then the parents still have to pay for that child to have tubes placed in ears.  Yeah, explain that one to me.

I have seen first hand what a shot can do a kid, a family.  I personally know of a family, that has a child that is in a home.  She will be there  for the rest of her life.  She can not feed herself, nor will she ever be potty trained.

Does the MMR shot cause autism?  I am honestly not sure.

Giving several vaccines to a young baby is cruel though.  When that baby will scream, and then the leg swells up into a big red welt.  They start running a high-grade fever.  You sit there and explain to that baby that it is all for the sake of vaccines.  Honestly, an adult should not have to deal with that much less a baby.   When I saw that, yeah I cried because I injured my kid!  I can’t fix that hurt, and I allowed it to happen to her.

So do not tell that I am full of bs, because I have a problem with shots!  I am turning off comments if you wish to speak with me you may email me at  If you do send me a mean email, then it will be deleted.  I couldn’t find a way to turn off comments, but I won’t be approving them.


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  1. I saw that article on the MMR shot too. All I can say is that I had a very verbal 2 year old until he got that shot and then he didn’t talk again until he was 4- with LOTS of speech therapy. And now he is diagnosed w/Asperger’s.

    My opinion for what it’s worth- if a child has a pre-disposition to have something like autism then the shot will push them over the edge. It doesn’t cause autism, but it doesn’t help those who are borderline for sure.

    Follow your intuition. Mom’s are very rarely wrong when they follow their gut instincts.

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