Pay it forward, 2011!!  For the first 5 people who respond to this I will make you a homemade gift and you will get it before the end of 2011.  I can’t always promise that I will be great at getting it out though.  I would also like to know more about the people who are getting the gifts, so if you leave an email addy I will get back to you.

I would like to know stuff like what you like and everything.  I will also of course need addresses.  So please do email me at


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  1. Wonderful idea!!

  2. Awwww aren’t you full of fun ideas! This is neat! Woo hoo I am number 2! I think…. LOL So I love chocolate… and red is my favorite color…. and I like anything homemade 🙂 I am not picky! Email me later so I don’t forget to give you my address. My email won’t pull up for some reason. Hmmmm. Better get that problem fixed!

  3. I did this thing on faceboook! I’m actually up for anything!!!

  4. This sounds neat! I’d love to hear more about your giveaway…
    Thank you so much for stopping by! Yes, December is busy at our house with celebrating Jesus’ birth and my hubby’s, daughter’s and mine :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Posted by He & me + 3 on January 17, 2011 at 1:25 am

    I love Target too. I can always find something there. That is good that you let them know and they listen. I need to do that more often

  6. Posted by He & me + 3 on January 17, 2011 at 1:26 am

    Comments were closed on the last post so I left it here. I would join the giveaway, but I am so not crafty.

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