True Story Tuesday

When we lived in Arkansas we lived in a small house that backed up to a creek.  Silly me, never thought about critters.  Then again, I had never seen critters before.  Yes, we lived in the city.  I also thought there would be no critters in the city.  WRONG!!

It turns out we had possums, raccoons and skunks.  Thank God, I never actually saw a skunk.  We would often hear feet on the roof, to this day I have no clue what got up there nor do I wish to know.  One night, Hubby decided to grill. He didn’t put the grill away once he was finished, and it got dark.  I went to the glass door, and I thought I saw a big cat staring at me. It had climbed up the grill.

I then realized, I was staring into the eyes of a big raccoon!  I screamed and starting moving quickly backwards.  I must have scared him as well since he started running.  That was the first raccoon I had ever seen.  For the whole time, we lived there we also shared the yard with critters.  Hey, they where there first!


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  1. That would scare the everloving bejeebies out of me! EEEK!

    And maybe I should just be thankful that I can’t hear – hearing them on the roof would prompt me to ask Mr. Daddy to get his hunting rifle out!

    We just had an entire conversation with a very nice couple on a boat to Victoria about how aggressive raccoons can be – they are fearsome critters!

    Thank goodness you were okay!

    Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  2. Ack! I would’ve had a heart attack!!

    I walked out into our garage a few weeks ago and there was a possum. YUCK!

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