Letters of Intent


This is going to be another letter to The Smiths.  (I wrote one previously, but feeling nice deleted it.)  This one will NOT be deleted.

Dear Smith family,

You disgust me.  Drop the whole stinking we are wonderful Christian act ok please.  Cause guess what God and your former congregation knows differently.   Taking money from the govt just so you could have “extras” disgusts me.  Do you know how many of us have struggled just to make sure that our kids had health insurance, while you took advantage of the government.  You say care about the homeless, really I find that hard to believe when you took money that they could have used.  Get off your butt, and get a job!!!  Make sacrifices that is what the rest of us, do!  Taking money from the govt is not a blessing, that is money that other ppl honestly needed but most likely never got thanks to people like you.  I am very glad, that you moved and hope you never visit.  You disgust me.  I am very glad that you moved.  Btw, we are praying for hypocrites like you.  Oh yeah, stop saying you understand military wives because your hubby is NOT in the military. My hubby might not be in the military either, but I don’t go around saying he is.  We have friends and family who are or have served in the military though, and my hubby would  be in the military if he could be.


Mrs. Spock

Dear Target,

I recently wrote a letter saying I love your store.  I do. But you coffee drinks lack quite a bit.  I just decided to get them since they where on sale silly me.  There is a big difference from a mocha and a latte btw.  I will not be buying your coffee drinks again, the taste is not the best.

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  1. I don’t get people like the Smiths. So frustrating…ESPECIALLY when they say and pretend to be God fearing Christians.

  2. Neither do I Kara. And I am so glad that they moved, my kid doesn’t need to grow up around kids like theirs. All we can do is pray that someday they will change.

  3. Sounds like it is a good thing that they moved – sorry!

  4. I’m not sure who the “Smiths” are but I’m glad they have moved out of your area so you needn’t be concerned about their potential influence on your family!

    I enjoy shopping at Target … though some of their prices are CRAZY! And I never have been a coffee drinker.

  5. People who hide behind their Christian label and use it as an excuse to behave poorly ruin it for all the Christians who are just trying to live for Him. Sorry you’ve had to deal with them but glad to hear they are moving.

    Thanks for linking up!

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