TST: Potty Reading

R is mostly potty trained.  She just decided that she wanted to be trained.  Of course to sit on the potty, you need reading material.  So one day she went to the bookcase and choose this one.  I am not sure why she choose this one.  It doesn’t have Mickey or Minnie on the spine.  R is a bit obsessed with Mickey and Minnie. 

Birnbaum's Walt Disney World 2011

She is reading an older version.  However, today she will be getting in the new kids edition!!  She doesn’t know it yet.  Happy Potty Reading, R!!!!

*Image from Amazon*


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  1. I love the crazy things they pick out to read on the potty. And it doesn’t stop either. I have a 4 year old whose material of choice is ESPN.

  2. That’s hilarious! Kids are so funny about those things!!

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