Our Weekend

After Hubby was diagnosed with bronchitis on Monday.  We kind of figured that R would also get it.  But, nope just a cold.  Last time they both had it.  We went to get her friend her birthday present this afternoon, her party is this coming Saturday.  We found a fave new toy store.  R is already planning what she wants for hers months from now.  She found a toy school bus, she is really into the school bus and has to see it pass by every weekday afternoon.  She will get it after she has been good, not after she throws a fit at the toy store.

Speaking of crazy all weekend it has been gorgeous and way too warm.  That will be ending on Tuesday, cold weather for the rest of the week.  I have so much to do before Sat.  Then again, getting to wear short sleeves and sandals in Jan is nice.  But can you see why people get sick.  R has been going out this weekend dressed up.  She has to have her hair bow and carry her little purse with her.


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  1. I am glad R does not have bronchitis. That would not be fun! We went to a 4 year old’s bday party today. We found a Melissa & Doug birthday cake (pretend play) at Ross for her for $10. My Princess already has it and LOVES it, so it was a perfect gift. 😉


  2. I love Melissa and Doug toys! We bought her best friend, who is a girl some dinosaurs.

  3. Doug & Melissa toys are great!!

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