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Dear Parents of Missing Toddler,

Please explain to me how a toddler just goes missing. If my kid is quiet for like a minute (or less) I go looking for her.  She is never allowed to go outside by herself.  I just don’t understand how a toddler can go missing for a while and then you call police.  I am truly sorry that you child is missing, I just don’t understand how a toddler goes missing is all.

Confused in Texas

Dear Mary,

Although, you have only been my hairdresser for 4 months you are a great hairdresser!  I will miss you.  It is not easy to find a good hairdresser.  I am sorry that you have to move due to your husband’s job.  You will be missed.



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  1. Oh wow. I cannot imagine not knowing where my toddler is. That is too scary!

    And I hear you on the hairdresser thing! I have only had one – she has cut my hair since I was 4. She is not allowed to retire!

  2. Are you talking about the boy missing in New Braunfels? Isn’t that just crazy? I really suspect the parents- it just seems so fishy. And who the heck allows an 18 month old to play outside in the FRONT of the house by themselves? I just don’t get it.

    Sorry you’re losing your hairdresser. That stinks big time.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Julie, Yes I am talking about the boy missing in NB. It totally baffles me. My daughter is never even let out of her sitter’s sight. My husband also suspects the parents, I feel so sorry for the kid.

    I also hate the fact I am losing the my hairdresser, she did my hair and R’s. Plus, my wallet will miss the discount she gave us!!!

  4. Some times I drive by a house where a BABY/TODDLER is playing outside unsupervised and I just want to stop and take the child home and love it … or take it back and give the parents a firm talking to! And I’ve thought about calling the police on them too since that’s far less likely to get me in trouble! 🙂

  5. In the front yard by himself at 18 months!?! When they find him (**praying**) I hope they make the parents attend some basic parenting classes. How sad!

    I feel your pain on the hair dresser thing. When we move here it took me two years to find someone I like, and I only get a trim every three months or so!

  6. I hate it when I find somebody good and they have to quit or move! Boo! 🙂

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