What’s Up

I honestly didn’t plan on not blogging for  over a week.  It just happened.  I don’t like to blog when R is awake which limits my time, and I have been reading way more this year. I recently renewed my CPR certification, which I highly recommend everyone take.  Let’s see we have had one of the coldest winters in years which has taken everyone by surprise!  Like a friend of ours said, Could you imagine how cold it would be if there wasn’t global warming?  Haha.

R is working on her numbers and letters.  She can count up to 15 by herself. On her abc’s she tends to repeat, I think she can go up to G.

I hate the fact that whenever we go in stores we see bathing suits, thanks for the reminder when it is 30 degrees outside.  I am also irritated at people locally who are complaining about the cold.  Soon enough, it will be hot and then you complain about that.  Enjoy it for what it is!  However, if you live in one of those states who seen a ton of snow you have every right to complain.  Snow days are rare here.

And yes, I do have pictures to put on here.  For now, I leave you with this.  Yes, it snowed and yes I loved it!  I heart snow!!!  No, I didn’t take this and I did copy it from fb.

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