Valentine’s Day

I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day and never have been.  The chances that I ever will be are slim.  Yes, there is a complicated reason why.  But why do we need a day to show someone our love?  Seriously!!!  That and every couple I know that got married on Valentine’s Day are now divorced.  Yeah, that is sad.

We do dress up R in a red outfit, no we don’t go buy one.  She does give out Valentine’s to all her friends and this year cookies as well. I did it last year on a whim, and we still do it.  R will also get a gift from her Grandparents.  Everyone loved her Valentine’s last year and said it was a very sweet gift.

Robert this year told me he wasn’t getting me a gift.That hurt my feelings, I didn’t want anything big.  Then yesterday, he says I am getting something.  Go figure! 

Anyway, if you are married, single or where ever you are in your relationships I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

On blogging, I don’t want it to be more important than real life.  That and at times this blog, has been all about R.  I need to be back on a schedule, but I am not.  I have also been having horrible headaches off and on for months.  That I need to get figured out.

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