School and R

I am applying to several local schools. I plan on getting a Masters in either Healthcare Administration or else my Physicians Assistant degree.  My top choice is Baylor, which no is not exactly a local school.  However, Baylor is not easy to get into so I must have back up schools.  My sister has had interviews with several grad schools, yes some are local.  She is on Texas Tech’s short list. 

We have narrowed the choice for R’s preschool to two schools.  One school is farther away.  We know ppl from our church who have their kids at either school, and teachers there.  One school is cheaper, so we are kind of leaning that way.  She could attend the school through 12th grade, if we so choose.  She will also be starting dance lessons at some point.  The one school offers dance lessons.  She kept dancing around at the restaurant tonight.  On her toes no less.  We ate at Cracker Barrel.  She can count to 20, knows her alphabet, and some of her shapes. 

She wears size 3t all of a sudden.  That pretty much happened overnight. She has a great appetite but is skinny.  She has been doing great with eating veggies lately, she prefers carrots and sweet potatoes.  The only meat she will eat is Chicken pretty much. She loves to play with her toy cars but also loves to be girly.  She requested a Miffy birthday party today, however I think will be doing Mickey Mouse. Daddy says she can just get a Miffy shirt and a bunny for Easter.


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  1. Choosing a school for your child is such a difficult choice. Good luck on your schooling, I hope you get into your first choice!

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