A Busy Week

Last week, R ran a fever.  Just lasted a few days and then nothing. She started off yesterday with a runny nose.  Friday morning, we plan on going to a new play area.  Then that night we supposed to have a date night to see a movie.  I have movie tickets we need to use.  Instead, we are going to a basketball game.  Saturday, we have a barbecue at a friend’s house.  My sister is driving in for her spring break that day.

Last week R told me that we have birthday’s so we can have birthday cake.  She only gets cake at birthday’s.  Robert made a gluten-free, egg free, diary free cake last night.  Yes, the cake still tastes good.  Besides he added chocolate frosting to half of it, which I am pretty sure defeats the purpose but anyway.  He offered R a piece without frosting.  She didn’t eat it.  She did start singing Happy Birthday, though.

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