Questions but no anwsers

Why do some things come so easy to some people and not to others. Cause I am tired of being broken-hearted.  Of not having answers, and no one else seems to understand.  You can’t appreciate what you have!

I am broken, and for all of you who are going to say that God can fix that.  I am not sure he can, he can remove the pain, but he can’t fix everything.  If your going to be so bold, as to ask what is wrong please don’t.

Last week, R had a fever this week a runny nose.  Today she is covered in red bumps that look like hives.  She has had no foods that she is allergic to and nothing out of the ordinary.  No other symptoms.


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  1. I do know what it feels like not to have answers and feel totally broken. To the point that you feel in deep despair.

    It is very, very hard for me to have patience and have to wait for even some answers. I want them NOW. I do not want to wait till others are good and ready to give some of the answers.

    The unknown of what the future brings in my life is very frustrating.
    Hang in there gal. We as you blogging friends do care. You don’t have to tell us what is going on, we can understand where you are coming from.
    God knows and he cares too.

  2. Hope everything gets better for you. I was going to say that it might be Fifth’s disease. My daughter had that and it’s just a virus that has to run its course. Hope she feels better soon.

  3. Thank you very much to both of you. I know that God has the answers. He will reveal them in his time.

  4. Sending hugs and prayers while you wait. That waiting is the hardest part.

  5. You know, I completely forgot about my hubby and his hives until just now! Every time he gets a fever, he will break out in hives after the fever is gone. He has done it since he was little. His mom & the doc freaked out at first, and then they realized that the hives were his bodys last efforts at getting whatever illness it was out of his system. Our girls have done it a few times too. Maybe thats what is going on with sweet R? Could it be her body trying to push the last of the illness out of her system? Just a thought for you.

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