Letter of Intent


Dear Old Navy,

I have enjoyed buying my kid pants from your store.  Most of your clothing is stylish and cute.  Like any Mom on a budget, I thought your pants where great.  Then I realized that after just a few washings my kids pants turned “holey”.  They developed holes before she could grow out of them.  So not cool.  I would like my kids pants to at least last until she can grow out of them, ok.  Is that too much to ask???

A Mom on a Budget

There really isn’t much going on in our lives these days.  Well, tonight we have a date night.  A good friend offered to watch R while her hubby is out-of-town.  She will have her two boys and R, all preschoolers should be fun!  Apparently, I am stressed yet our life these days is really not stressful, so I am considering taking up yoga.  The big news is that today, we are getting a dog.

A Boston to be exact!!!  Robert’s family has a history of owning Boston’s.  We love dogs!!  We have exactly decided on a name for this dog yet, we let you know when we do!!!  Princess says she is looking forward to a new sibling.


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  1. Congrats on the new puppy! How exciting to have a little one to have fun with!

  2. My sons can rip a hole in the knee of jeans when wearing them for the first time. It doesn’t matter where I got them or how expensive they were. They will tear them apart.

    I hope you have fun on date night! A night away is always good and what a nice friend you have to offer to babysit.

    Congrats on the new child, I mean dog. Fun times.

    Thanks for linking up and I am so sorry about tomorrow.

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