I was all set to do a post on the not fairs.  Not that I was trying to complain because I am really not.  There is a great deal of stuff going on in our extended family right now.  The good news is my sister is in a relationship.  Yep, a senior with weeks to graduation.  She seems to be happy though.  Of course, we want her to be.

Rachel’s Poppy entered the hospital this weekend.  He is really kind of ticked at the drs, because they can’t figure out what is wrong with him.  He hates being sick.  (Poppy and Grammy are her great grandparents from my side).  It is hard for me to admit that all of her grandparents are getting older.  Really hard.  I guess because of my Mom.

We don’t know how long Poppy will be in the hospital.  They live 5 mins from us, and the hospital is right by where Robert works.  R did go see Poppy in the hospital yesterday, she charmed the nurses and made Poppy feel better.  They where giving him a strong antibiotic via iv when we left.  They are running tests, and I know that he will insist upon staying until they have a diagnosis.  He hasn’t felt the best in months. Grammy has a bad back.

I have a drs appt tomorrow, and then I will have to see the eye dr.  Because I lost a contact lens.  Oh yeah, and my phone is dying a slow death.  It is less than 6 months old.  So I have to get a new phone.  My cell phones last forever usually so this is a grrrr.  Robert’s cell phones don’t have long lives, I told him today his must have rubbed off on mine.  See, I still have a sense of humor!!!

Why does have life have to be so hard for some and so easy for others.  Yet, the people who have it easy have to find something to complain about!  If anyone ever finds out let me know. I have to not be on fb, because I am tired of hearing stuff. I am not going to stop blogging, blogging to me is like breathing.

This verse, has been in my head all day.  Phil 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  This verse says it all.


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  1. I totally agree “Why does it have to be so hard for some and so easy for others?” I know exactly where you are coming from on that. Life sometimes just doesn’t seem fair at all. Dealing with health issues is not easy!

    I often have to remember that verse in the Bible and also laugh when I think of Forrest Gump saying “Life is like a box of Chocolates, You never know what you get”, and my mother telling me that sometimes things happen like clusters of grapes. But my question always was why do those clusters all have to come at once?

    If you ever find the answer why things are easy for some and hard for others. Please make sure you share it with me. Until then I too will claim that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. With his love and grace he will carry us through.

    Have a great day! (P.S. phones are mechanical, and electronics sometime have a mind of their own.)

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