I like to be random ok, deal with it.  It has been a full week at our house.  After finding out I am allergic to gluten and switching contacts all in one day.  And other stuff I will mention later.  I am taking a break from fb.  Although, today I did put pictures of R on there.  I really limit what I put on there.  And I left fb open, and R pulled up a gluten-free website.

I ordered a pair of crocs today.  Thanks to R, I honestly didn’t think I would ever order any. But R loves hers, and so do all of her friends.  Don’t ask what size though!

We also figured out that R knows letter recognition, which means do not give your 2-year-old your phone.  She pulled up Mickey and Miffy on YouTube.  She will even listen to them in a foreign language.  Yes, my kid is so tv depraved. 

R also has taken a liking to Britt Nicole.  Not that surprising that she loves music, I think it is in her genes.  We saw Soul Surfer on Friday, no we didn’t take R.  It was good. Despite the whole messy scene with blood.  I highly recommend it.  We haven’t seen many movies in the theatre since R was born like 6. We prefer Netflix.  We have been watching the Harry Potter movies after R is in bed. 

To everyone, who thinks we should get a dog.  With us agreeing on a breed is the hardest part.  The other day I saw a boston/crocker spaniel mix and that we can agree on.  Robert grew up with a Boston named Fella.  I grew up with a golden spaniel named Lady.


Is this dog not adorable? 

Have a great week everyone!!

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