Letter of Intent


While we where in the cell phone store today.  R looked at a poster on the wall.  It featured the game angry birds.  She has no clue what the game is. She saw the poster, and said that is an “Angry Bird”.  Literally.  It was so funny. 

I have blogged before that I haven’t felt the best off and on for a while.  I decided to have a food allergy test done.  I am allergic to gluten.  Both Robert and I carry the gene.  His turned is off, and mine isn’t.  Guess my diet will be changing!

On Sunday, after we got home from visiting Poppy (my grandpa) in the hospital.  I asked for prayers for Poppy and Grammy on fb.  Well, at about 9 pm I think.  I hear this “Oh No” from Robert.  His cousin was talking to him on fb.  She assumed that it was Pepaw (Robert’s dad) that was in the hospital.  Because the last time her mom, had talked to Pepaw he was going to a drs appt.  Even though I had posted what hospital Poppy was in.  No offense, to Robert’s family but we got a chuckle out of that one!

Dear Croc Store,

Thanks oh so much for your help.  I would think that you would want to someone to actually purchase crocs from your store.  I guess not.  Well, your loss.

Dear Crocs,

Where are you.  I am waiting for you to come in.  Yes, I finally ordered my first pair of crocs.  I blame it on the toddler. 

Isn’t she adorable though??

For more Letters of Intent, go visit Julie.  Happy Friday!!!!


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  1. The Angry Bird thing cracks me up. Too funny!

    What happened w/the Crocs? Maybe you need to write an official letter of complaint and send it off to them w/a link to your blog. You never know- good things sometimes do happen!

    Thanks for linking up and yes she is ADORABLE!

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