Happy Birthday Jordan!!!

Today is R’s first babysitters birthday!  She turns 18, and in the fall she leaves us for college.  The thought is quite bittersweet.  I think R and I will be baking quite a bit of cookies.  Jordan started watching R as a baby.  R gave her the what for after she turned one.  She decided to try to dance on the coffee table.  Jordan called her mom freaking out.  She never told us, her mom told us.  Lol.  Jordan has been a wonderful babysitter to R, she set the bar very high!  The thought of finding someone else is not easy.  We love her and her family.  They are like family literally.  She is a wonderful teenager, I don’t normally like teenagers!  Oh, I forgot to mention that Jordan met Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds.  Yes, because she is that cool!  And got her picture with him!

Here is what R did today. She spelled her name! The picture will not be put on her for obivious reasons.  Sorry.

Yes, she knows her abcs and some letter recognition.  That took her all of a week literally.  She tends to skip one letter in her name but other than that.  She also can count to 30.  Except Robert says she never does it around him.

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