We know Santa and the Easter Bunny too

If anyone, asks R she will tell you Santa lives in Texas.  And she knows him.  This baffled us for weeks.  Until this older guy came up and said hi to her.  He looks like Santa, no joke.  I told some of our friends the joke this morning, sorry R I love you but Mommy spilled the beans. Aren’t you a lucky girl to know Santa? We also know the girl who dressed up as the Easter bunny.   Santa and the Easter Bunny go to our church.

Overall, R has a great Easter weekend. She doesn’t get Easter yet.  Although, we watched the Veggie Tales Easter episode so many times.  To her Easter is about getting eggs, and bunnies.  To anyone who knows our child, she is addicted to bunnies.  Loves em.  She has gotten a Miffy bunny, new  hair bows, candy and crayons. She picked out her Easter dress she was so proud of that fact. 

Then she got a messed up tummy.  My kid has a very sensitive tummy.  Mr grandparents are still not feeling the best.  I have had problems with my eyes.  So honestly, these days it feels like one step forward, two steps back.  I want my grandparents to be healthy, they are usually in good health.  And seeing I kinda need to see.  A ton of kiddos have been sick this weekend, which stinks.  I am way behind on pics of R and everything else. In a few short weeks, my sister is graduating from college.  And then summer hits. Oh yeah, and my kid turns 3.  I am not ready for any of that, btw.

Here is a picture of a Texas bunny.  Cause as you know, everything is bigger and better in Texas. 

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