The Mother’s Day That Was

On Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day we got a sitter for R.  She loves Ms. Joy and their house.  Her and her husband have raised three girls, and they love R. Ms. Joy, is old enough to be R’s grandma (well, a young grandma).  She chased their dogs, two bichon frise’s.  The dogs loved her.  She got to eat Chick-fil-a twice in one day, spoiled right?  They had to take her husband to the airport, he has to travel for work.  R rode along well, and asked for food please Mommy when they went thru a fast food palace.  She forgot Mommy wasn’t in the car, since she rarely ever rides in a car without one of us.  That and she is still rear-facing. She told she had to go potty every single time.  She didn’t want to go to sleep though, which led to trying to take apart some of their house.  Good thing, R doesn’t know we are looking for a home in Ms. Joy’s neighborhood.  She is also our realtor.  We are very blessed!!

She recommended a smart school for R, which I am actually considering despite the interview process and everything. 

While R was at the sitter’s we had plans which got cancelled.  So we saw a movie, Something Borrowed.  I have actually seen two movies, in a month Something Borrowed and Soul Surfer wow!  Robert, also wanted to make sure I got a  nice dinner without R but I was getting tired.  We went grocery shopping and I got three inches of hair cut off.  No one can tell though, did I really have that much hair?  On Sunday, we got up early of church and Daddy did R’s hair again.  He is getting better.  These days, R’s motto is the bigger the bow the better!  We had lunch with the grandparents and R set at their table.  Does that count for lunch without the kid? Then R and Mommy took a nap.

So all in all, it was a good weekend.  We did forget to give Grammy her card, and call Memaw sorry we had one tired toddler Sunday afternoon.  I am behind on pics on here again, I do so good then get behind.  The blog will have changes in the next month.

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