Letter of Intent


Almost a week ago, my sister Tay graduated from college it is still very hard to believe.  She is only 21, and has done her undergrad in 3 years.  She starts her Masters in the fall.  Ironically, she graduates again in 2 years and so will her boyfriend. Yep, we also met the boyfriend.  R likes him, he is scared of kids but she took right to him.  Gave him a hug and everything.  He seems cool, and is very similar to Hubby.

Dear ABC,

Thanks for canceling good family programming to put on more stinky shows.  The only show I still like on your network is Grey’s Anatomy.  Thanks to you wonderful people I am not even show why we have cable anymore.  URG!!!

Dear R,

It is time to give up the crib.  You have slept in a big girl bed before, so please sleep in your bed all night long!  Big girls who are potty trained don’t sleep in cribs.  And guess what soon you will be getting a nice new bed, and new comforter!!  You are a big girl!!



For more letters of intent, go visit Julie’s blog.  Happy Friday!!


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  1. Posted by Emmy on May 20, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    It is sad how much trash is on TV now. I miss the old classics

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