Since We Have Been Gone

This proud preschooler turned 3!!!    Ok, almost preschooler.  She has also decided she likes the age 2 much better.  Age 3, so far has meant more fits, more temper tantrums.  The past few days have been ok, but you have no warning when the attitude will rear its ugly head.  It has gotten hot, the yucky sticky hot.  R has decided she is not terribly into swimming.  Which is how I like to spend the hot summers.  She has had to change classrooms, but is still with all of her friends.  She doesn’t the change in classrooms either. Then again, the kid has had a bit of change in the past month with more to come this summer.  She likes sleeping in her toddler bed.

Her little toddler friend started walking and is into giving R the biggest hugs.  R caught a cold from her because she decided to kiss her on the lips. We all caught the cold, R had it for the shortest time.  My best friend has left for a month for Japan.  So far our summer has been too terribly exciting, but then again tech it isn’t summer yet.  Sure feels like it though.  Hoping that it will rain eventually and cool everything off.

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