R’s story

At the age of 6 months perhaps it was before R developed sleep problems.  It may have been before but she had severe acid reflux as a baby.  Everyone said it was normal, babies fight sleep.  Naps would be rare and she wouldn’t sleep at night that well.  She was tired, and that is not normal. I let myself believe them at first.  Then at 18 months, R had her routine shots.  She then started to regress.  She would not talk, and was behind on other things as well.  To ever have someone say your kid is behind hurts terribly. But she was, and I had to face facts.

It took us 6 months to get answers to, which really was a short time. R is allergic to eggs (severe reaction), diary, soy, and has a gluten intolerance.  She eats gluten in limited amounts. We got answers through a physical therapist that we go to church with.  She was a lifesaver. R is also allergic to pertussis the whooping cough vaccine.  I realize that most people do not consider food allergies to be a disability but then can be the affect your sleep (due to upset tummy) which can affect a child’s growth and development.  That is what happened to R.

At 3, she her speech is great and very clear.  She is behind in some motor activities.  She is very smart and loves to learn.  She has changed a great deal since her diagnosis only a year ago. R takes naps regularly now, and sleeps great at night.   It is ok to question doctors in fact it is normal.  There are a great deal of bad doctors out there.  Parents always know best when something is wrong with their kids.  Don’t ever stop seeking answers.

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