R at 3

At 3, R can count to 30 with help.  She knows all of her abcs, and can recognize all almost all of her letters.  She has spelled her name before.  She loves to sing several songs, she sings her abc song, twinkle twinkle and of course the Miffy song most days.  She talks about things being too hot or cold, I don’t think she realizes the difference quite yet though.  She is still very picky.  She loves music and dancing.  She loves books, and can recite at least two books Goodnight Moon, and We are Going on a Bear Hunt.  She loves hairbows, dresses, purses and being girly.  She will play with her dolls but only if she NAMES them.  If she doesn’t name them they won’t get played with.  Her fave movie is Tangled.  She is asking us to take her to Cars 2, which would be her first movie in a theatre.  She loves playing with her cars and tractor.  If she is not playing with them, then she is cooking.  She still loves MMC, but Mommy is MMC ed out.  We almost got a dog yesterday and R wanted to name the dog Belle.  No clue why she picked out that name.

She is working hard at staying dry at night  we have a sticker chart for this.  We told she get so many stickers she gets a treat, we asked her what she would want she asked for a puppy.  We never know what will come out of her mouth these days!!!  She is obsessed with shoes, mine and hers.  She prefers her purple crocs with Minnie Mouse.  Life is never dull with an almost preschooler!

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