Letter of Intent


Yes, I realize I have not done a L of I in forever in a day.  Well, I’m back.  I might warn you though house hunting is exhausting.

Dear Realty Company,

You might be so kind as to tell my realtor, a HOME IS OFF THE MARKET.  Before I waste my time, gas just to see and then like said house.  House that all three of us liked!!!  You have really ticked me off.  You knew the paperwork was going to be signed by another couple the next day.  You disgust me.

Dear Realtors,

It might be wise to return my phone calls.  I can get kinda mean if you don’t call me back just saying.  Don’t bother to have a voicemail saying you will return my call in 2 hours and then never call me back.

It rained the other day.  The first decent rain we have had in months.  Making the weather nice enough for R, to have played outside 3 days this week.  Even if the mosquitos where big enough to take away my kid.  They didn’t bite her though, they bite me instead.  I then break out in hives.  Never heard of a person who allergic to mosquitos, I am.  So is a kid in R’s class.

Dear R,

The truth is kiddo you need to fatten up.  You know your doctor is going to say that.  So eating the avocado is  good for you.  The fact that you are know eating turkey, avocado and fish is a good thing.  (R has only eaten chicken for 2 years.)

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  1. My baby love loves avocado. If only I could pass part of his love along somehow.
    Oh and I would be so mad at that realtor too!

  2. Yay, welcome back! House hunting AND selling is a pain. You would think realtors would do their job better since their income depends on it.

    I’m allergic to mosquitos too. It’s not fun.

    Good luck getting R to eat. My son only ate chicken the first 3 years of his life so I understand.

    Thanks for linking up!

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