PMM: I will conquer

At three R has developed some interesting quirks.  She hates to have sand on the bottom of her feet.  It can touch anywhere else, but not the bottom of  her feet.  Which made it interesting when we met friends at a local restaurant with a sand box the other day.  My child is never content to sit on the sidelines.  This day was no exception.  She was not content to just sit and play with the sand on the edge.  So after getting frustrated, she got up and went to put on her crocs.  It turns out she never got sand in them.  I was pretty sure she wasn’t supposed to wear shoes in the sandbox, but oh well.

She figured out the way to not get sand on her feet, was to wear her shoes.  She figured all of this out on her own.  She was not going to let a little thing, hold her back!  That is our R.  I was so proud of her.  What did she build in the sand, she says a sand castle.  I know she was using her imagination though.

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  1. What a smart girl!! Buddy HATED the feel of grass. He wouldn’t sit, crawl, or walk in it. So whenever we went anywhere, we would just put a blanket down and we knew he would never leave the blanket. Except, one day he got tired of being on the blanket and just finally bit the bullet and walked out into the grass. I missed those days when he would stay on the blanket!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. That is awesome! Very smart indeed. I love it when they problem solve on their own instead of coming and making us figure it out.
    Great great PMM!

  3. Well, I have often wondered if R might have sensory issues. Then she goes and conquers them. I don’t worry. She doesn’t let anything hold her back!!

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