After eating out over a month ago, for R’s birthday, we then went to Barnes and Noble.  Both R and one of her friends love the bookstore.  We bought her the book Olivia.  I had only heard of the little pig the day before.  I really liked the fact the book had won an award.  Well, overnight that book became R’s favorite book.  A month later, she has it pretty much memorized.  To R, Olivia is a real girl pig and don’t you dare tell her otherwise.  R started watching the show this week and she wants to do the things Olivia does.  So if hear, R talk about Olivia she is talking about a little girl pig.  Not a new friend.

I’m pretty sure R doesn’t think Minnie Mouse is real.  She knows Mickey and Minnie live in Florida.  She just thinks Minnie is cute cause her favorite color is pink, and she loves hair bows.  Olivia though to her is very real.


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  1. Posted by Sandra on July 9, 2011 at 12:00 am

    Does this mean your next pet may be a little feisty piglet?

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