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In a week, where it seems like everyone feels the need to discuss Casey Anthony, I don’t. Although, I am rather glad that we don’t live in the state of Florida.  Instead, what has been big story around her is the Mexican National who killed a girl years ago, and spent over 16 years in jail for the crime.  He was going to be executed yesterday until someone decided otherwise, and then the Supreme Court stepped in.  He was executed yesterday evening.  Did I mention he spent more time in jail, than the girl spent years on earth?  Don’t even get us started on immigration issues!!

Then a guy once again, almost a year later fall over overboard while trying to catch a foul ball at the Ranger game. People fill the need to make dumb comments, like well he was dumb and everything else.  Oh yeah, his 6-year-old boy watched the whole thing.  He was a small town firefighter, and his family is a good family.  I thought taking your kid to a baseball game was supposed to be a past time.  I think instead of making dumb comments about him, how about praying for his family instead?

No, this isn’t a letter of intent but these are my thoughts and feelings.


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  1. I agree on the baseball dad. I was just talking to my husband tonight about his poor son who witnessed it all. I hope that he can survive this horror mentally and still lead a good life. That little boy is forever changed by that situation. It just breaks my heart.

    And I really hope the execution does not make for bad foreign relations and any americans who may get arrested across the border now. Scary stuff going on.

    Thanks for linking up. You linked it wrong, but I will fix it.

  2. heart-breaking baseball story…
    god bless our vets and those serving…
    have a great weekend.

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