Emotional week

Last Sunday, some friends of ours lost a baby she was 12 weeks and 1 day.  Although, there had been problems I assumed that since she was doing well everything was fine.  It wasn’t.  Having lost babies myself, I ached and hurt for them.  Having one kid already at home and then losing their sibling hurts so much.  I have gotten so ticked off at people who say well at least you have a kid.  Your right, I do.  But still.

I really think more should be done for women who have a miscarriage.  The truth is some of the scars last for years.  The memory and pain of losing that kid over a year and a half ago, is still fresh.  This woman is wonderful though, to have lost a kid a week ago and then to ask others today how they are doing is wonderful.  R drew them a sweet card, put a sticker on it and then put her initial on it.  She takes great pride in her art work, and if it can brighten a persons day then I am all for it.

There is also this lady at our church who has cancer, her husband has diabetes.  Due to their illnesses they can’t work.  Which means they have lost insurance.

I think a great deal of us (me included) spent time this week praying we would get rain from Don.  Don was a huge let down.  Rain what rain????  I want rain and cooler temps now!!!  A certain 3 year-old agrees with me.  Can you blame her?

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