July and August

No, it hasn’t hit 114 here.  I don’t think we have beat our old record high yet. Noticed, I said yet.  I have such high hopes.  Kind of hard to do when we really need rain, and Don was a dud.  Our chances of are slim, and our chances of a hurricane even slimmer.  I refuse to take my kid to the pool or waterpark in this.  The good thing is that she starts preschool soon so she won’t be as bored.  Indoor playgrounds are our friends in this heat. I got a sunburn a couple of weeks ago at the beach, just a bad enough sunburn to make me miserable.  That pretty much did it, I was avoiding the heat as much as possible.

July is also the month in which our cat becomes depressed.  I literally do mean depressed.  She begs to go outside, then realizes it is hot and gets mad.  When she is mad, she meows at us loudly for hours end.  She also doesn’t like the cold, wind, and rain of winter.

Oh yes, they also ask us to conserve electricity.  My thermostat will be set, where we are comfortable. At is also at this point of summer, that I seriously consider moving.  Taking in the fact that I am a native, you know the heat is bad.

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