Letter of Intent


I realize I said this the other day, but still.  If only it could be about 10 degrees cooler that would be very nice!!  It really stinks that in the last couple of years we have had two bad summers!!  Try explaining all of this to a 3-year-old.  She complains about it being hot inside, and the a/c is on!  At this point in time, I am actually looking forward to winter.

College football starts in a couple of weeks and R is so ready. 

This is from last season.  I can neither confirm nor deny if my child was mouthing off to a Longhorn fan.  We have taught her well.  Oh yeah, do not go into a local restaurant wearing Razorback gear and your kid is wearing Aggie gear.  You get some weird looks.

This is what Hubby wears when R wears Aggie gear.  Razorbacks.  R has no Razorback gear that fits.  Yes, Razorbacks and Aggies can be married to each other.  R has to wear cheer for the Piggies one half and the Aggies the other.  It works for us.

My sister got a car last Friday, started a job this week, and moves into her first apt this weekend!!  Her  boyfriend is also back in town, she claims she isn’t in love with him.  We think otherwise and have told R to call him Uncle V.  Did I forget to mention that he loves football, and helps out with their college football team?  Opps.  The guy fits right in.  Have a great weekend!!!

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