Rolling Blackouts

Next Monday, all the public schools and most of the private schools start back.  Which means due to the heat they are threatening rolling blackouts.  Not really looking forward to that one.  My kid will refuse to go to the bathroom in the dark.  So if she has an accident I blame Ercot.  If my supper, which will most likely be in the crock pot gets ruined then I will also blame them. Cause it not like I can just run down to the McD’s and get supper.  My family does not eat McD’s.

If one more person ask my kid if she is ready for preschool. She gets so exited about it and talks so fast, even I can’t understand her.  I almost always can understand her.  She might be tired though come bedtime, at least I am hopeful for that.  No nap at preschool.  I also hope she loves the color plaid, seeing as how she will be wearing a lot of it.  Apart of me thinks uniforms won’t be that bad.  She won’t have to worry about what to wear.  And she won’t be getting any expensive jeans. I am a parent in favor of uniforms.  If only the weather would cool off!


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  1. Wow! No electricity in the heat? Won’t it be scorching hot? I am sorry for that. Yuck!

    We are doing Pre-K at home again this year for my Princess. She will be 4 in December. Next fall I think I will buy a Kindergarten kit from MFW or Sonlight. I can see why R would be excited though. I know that during our seminar travel, my Princess loves to go to the children’s meetings 4x per week with the other kids. I am glad she has that.

    I hope you stay cool somehow, don’t melt, and have a great weekend!

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