What’s going on

First, R said today that Mickey had to pooped.  No, R had to.  Yes, I just talked about poop.  Cause that’s what toddlers do.  R injured herself the other day.  Not that big of a deal.  It happens, kids do it.  But I have a pulled hamstring, and then my knee started hurting today.  I have arthritis in my knee, which doesn’t bother me that often.

R’s preschool due to construction is not starting till September.  So we won’t have to fight traffic tomorrow.  School traffic can be bad, and all public schools are starting.  She will be going to school later, to make up for this.

While talking about poop, R just pooped in her night diaper.  Only at night, and then played with her poop.  I guess every kid has to try something once but really R you are 3!!!!  And 3, as she understands it is all about being the big girl.  Big girls wear underwear, big girls go to school.  Big girls ride bikes.  She wants a big bike.

It is still hot and we still need rain.  R won’t be going to school with her friends which kind of makes me sad, cause she loves her friends.  They can only see each other on weekends.  They may have to all go to the same school next year!

Robert has a grad class on Thursday night.  He doesn’t get home till after 10pm.  It is a class on management and it has a lot of psychology in it.  I still work part-time and will pick up more hrs this fall.  We still need to move.  I will eventually go back to school but Robert finishing his master’s we figured was more important.

In case, I haven’t said lately that I want cooler weather I do. I so do, and RAIN!!!!!  R drives her car, bike inside.  R’s adoptive grands went to London, and she got a wonderful souvenir!!  R has had to sit in the auditorium during church this summer.  She only has bible class.  Most of the time she does well, she behaves so well for her grandparents.  She has her Papa wrapped around her finger, then again so did her Aunt.  I often miss the rest of our family, but then I remember all the people we have here and we are blessed.  They are in good health, and I pray they stay that way.

I am trying hard not to blog about politics since we have two candidates from Texas running.  I do plan on voting for one of them.

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