Yesterday, the high was 110.  Saturday was 107, I think.  The a/c on the car went out on Saturday. Stupid Ercot is saying conserve energy.  No rolling blackouts yet though.  They just threaten us.  Usually, it is cooling off by this point.  We did get some rain last Thursday, which was nice.  If it rains again, this week I owe R rain boots.  She begs for boots, she loves boots.  She loves shoes.  She is ready for college football and tells us so weekly.

One of her teachers told her she has great style.  The other tells her is she a beautiful mess.  She is a daredevil and scares me weekly.  Daddy cut her bangs on Saturday. They are short and look bad.  They are also uneven.  They have to grow out to be cut again though.

Robert’s birthday is Wednesday.  He is turning 3 again.  The chances of R and I using the oven that day, slim to none.



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  1. That is HOT! I can’t believe how hot that must feel. We are only in the low 70s here north of Seattle. 🙂

    Hard to believe how fast summer goes.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

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