College football

Have I mentioned lately that I love the Aggies.  LOVE EM!!!!  I am over the moon they are leaving the Big 12.  A great of people are surprised that I am an Aggie fan.  The Aggies are stepped in history and tradition.  The 12th man.  I have friends who have been Aggie fans. No one in my family is an Aggie fan.  We just can’t like the Longhorns, literally.

R chooses the Aggies, but really she loves football.  She does say she wants to be Aggie someday.  We tell her to go to vet school their, but some days she says she wants to be a doctor.

Yes, Robert is a Razorback fan.  R wears maroon for half the Aggie/Razorback game and then red for the other half.  Really it is not that big of a rivalry in our house.  Robert understands why I am a Aggie fan, and got me Aggie stuff for my birthday last year.  He has listened to me for years be a closet fan,  he was glad when I finally admitted I was a fan.  I do cheer for both Tech and Baylor when they play Texas.  Baylor beating Texas makes my day!

If Texas A&M joins the Sec things might get a bit interesting in our house.

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