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Cooler weather has come.  But so have wildfires.  No, wildfires are not common here in fact this is the worst it has ever been.  Some of the wildfires have been arson, and yes I do know that for a fact.

We started out Monday, by spending most of the day outside. Then we heard there was a wildfire across town, which got nowhere close to us and was under control.  We did get smoke from it, which has made me sick so once again R hours outside get limited.  R is such an outdoor kid.  On Tuesday, R goes with me to work.  She is another class and loves her teachers. They didn’t go outside, but R still said she had fun.

Wednesday, R was supposed to have started preschool she didn’t. We don’t feel this school has ever communicated with us and other stuff.  R doesn’t seem too brokenhearted, but we need to find an activity for her to do rather quickly.  And hope they will have room for another kid.

R got mad at me the other day.  She asked for a rice krispy treat with breakfast, I said no.  She then ran past me screaming “Life is so not fair”.  Does she actually know what the phrase means I think she might.  Where she heard it no clue.  The babysitter thought she might have heard it at her house, but doesn’t think she did.  There are a few words that I have no clue, where my kid heard them.  Since none of them are bad words I kinda shrug it off.

September is once again Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.  I really hate hearing all about breast cancer.  No, my mother did not have Ovarian Cancer she had a disease very similar.  And to anyone that every has a family member or friend that gets Ovarian Cancer.   I am truly sorry.  Cause it stinks, and that is putting it nicely.  It is a silent and deadly disease, and no one talks about it.  Which is a crying shame, because IT NEEDS TO BE TALKED ABOUT.  So every September I go on my rant for a month, and no it’s not pretty.


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  1. Dealing with the cells that cause breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Not sure yet what will be come or be done, But just want to get all those bad cells out of my body. (Grandmother, mother and sister) all died of cancer…the odds are stacked against me. So keep screaming at all the ladies you know or don’t know to make sure they have their mammograms and physicals done yearly!!!!!

    Sorry to hear about the fires and smoke.
    And I agree with her sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair at all!

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