I have a friend who has two girls 18 months apart, they can tend to drive her a bit batty at times.  Robert has said it is because of lack of discipline.  I have often disagreed. R has a day like that every once in a while.  She is disciplined.  She carried around the cat multiple times today, much to the cats chagrin.  Was told to use her indoor voice too many times to count.  Thank goodness, there is only one of her.

She did eat her beans and meat at supper, that was the good thing.  The terrible two’s were easy.  Three is not an easy age. We let her pick out her clothes most of the time.  Then she has to have the hair bow and the purse.  She wants to wear the shoes she chooses and not the ones we tell her to wear.  I am not looking forward to the teen years.

She did learn what a octogon and a pentagon where today.

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