16 weeks

Yes, we are expecting our next kiddo in early March. How have I felt.  Still very much first trimester.  Still nausea some, still have to pee all the time (sorry if tmi).  I wear maternity pants and can wear normal shirts or choose to wear maternity ones.

My allergies are horrible they where with R so I expected the same.  I have not taken any antibiotics and don’t want to.  Horrible sinus infection with R.  I have taken more vitamins which I can and have seen the chiro.  The drought and wildfires have not helped.  I crave fruit and love the peaches we got at the store.  I don’t eat red meat, want more chicken and fish.

We do have names, not that they will be shared on here. I do have an R named picked out for a girl.  I like the R names ok. I have wanted coffee and drink every once in a while decaf.  Don’t drink sodas only natural ginger ale occasionally.  I am so ready for it to be fall and stay fall.   She loves her boots and long sleeve shirts just like Mommy.

I bought a beautiful soft maternity sweater in blue the other day.  It was on clearance and called my name, plus it has a scarf.

I don’t like the fact that Baylor is suing Texas A&M, but I do understand.  I grew up a Baylor fan most likely due to the fact that they where so close.  I love the Baylor campus and their mascot.  I even wanted to attend Baylor when I was like 10.  I do cheer for Baylor when they play Texas.  I bought an orange top the other day, most likely the first orange shirt I have ever owned.  I am totally serious, we don’t buy orange clothing.  R is getting a handmade pumpkin shirt, but I look at that differently.  A friend who has an Etsy shop is making the shirt, me make a shirt for R haha.

Sometimes, I think this time around is so much harder.  Sorry, Muffin.  In the beginning when a friend lost her baby that was tough.  Then R did not take it at well.  She let us know that.  She is coming around.  I worry about her not getting enough attention and I tell so many times day, I love you.  She is very intelligent and such a great kid!  Not trying to brag, but she is.  One moment she makes me laugh so hard, the next cry.  She also wears me out.

I am NOT the type to complain, so if I look like I don’t feel the best. Thank God, no one has said you look bad tell after the fact and I just laughed at that.  Besides I know someone with hyperemesis gravidarum, that puts everything in perspective.

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