Sick Germs

R started not acting herself Saturday afternoon.  By Sunday afternoon, she was running a fever.  Which by the time the pain reliever ran off, would shoot up again.  So Hubby, suggested since we where going to have to get up several times in the night to give her meds that she sleep in our bed.  R does not co-sleep, because she won’t sleep in our bed.  Nope, she plays with her toys and hugs us.  She keeps us as well, so she went back to bed after 2 am.  Her fever broke today.  Just a simple virus, I am assuming.  Except, for Sunday she has eaten well the whole time.  I refuse to take her to the dr for a simple cold.

No, she usually doesn’t get sick.  I do think her immunity booster vitamins help quite a bit though.  Which is why she stays on them.  She was not happy that she had to miss class today, I explained to her and she was mad! Hopefully, she won’t have to miss that many days in the future.

R hates being sick, she comes by it naturally!

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