18 weeks and Questions

My due date has changed three times only moving up by one day.  The sonogram had me at 18 weeks and 2 days on Monday.  Yes, we do have names including middle names for this kid.  We don’t want a common name and usually we can agree on names easily.  No, this kid will not be born at the same hospital as R and no we don’t have the same dr.

We don’t agree with the hospital or the Dr who delivered her.  Besides, the fact that he is an arrogant jerk.  I need to put her birth story on here, but it won’t be today.  This kid will be born at a Baptist hospital, for those who know and care Baptist has always been good to us.  No, we don’t know the sex of the child yet.  The kid has a good strong heartbeat and loves to kick me.  We just want the baby to be healthy.

The Dr we have chosen allows kids in the room.  I don’t agree with the drs that don’t allow kids.  Trying to find a babysitter every time you have a drs appt is hard, and if you have more than one that’s even harder.  R is good in the waiting room, loud but good.  She says she wants to be a dr or a nurse someday, who knows.

As long as I don’t have to give a great deal of  blood,  I am good.  I don’t like being a human pin cushion.  I have had some horrible people try to get blood out of me.  Yes, we will reveal what the baby is on here.

R has suggested two names Olivia after the pig, and Hello Kitty.  I thought Hello Kitty would make a great middle name, Robert didn’t agree :(.  We won’t be using the name Olivia either.  When my sister came along, I wanted to name her Zach.  Yes, my sister was supposed to have been a “boy”.  My parents weren’t too keen on the name Zach. I am rather glad that I got a sister instead of a brother.  So is R, she loves her Aunt Tay.

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