Our Weekend

Since we knew it was going to rain this past weekend we chose indoor activities for the most part.

We had lunch at Panera, and it started raining.  R ran to the window to look out at it.  She just loves to watch it rain.  She also Thanks God for the rain, which several people smiled at.  We planned to go to a consignment sale but didn’t she did get new shoes and some dress up clothes.  Which I plan to save for her Christmas.  It is no longer sandal weather, and she had no dressy shoes that fit.  We planned on taking her to a Jumpy Place, but according to Navigator the closest one is Kyle. But we knew that isn’t true.  We finally found the place but by that time I had a bad headache, so we just went home instead.  We are thinking of doing her 4th birthday party, their next summer.  Planning ahead of time since we have a baby in the house.

It was still raining this morning, and I decided to wear a dress to church.  Not sure I will do that again, when it is raining.  My feet got soaked and cold.  Not sure I will wear a dress, when it is cool and raining again.

This was supposed to have posted earlier, and I just realized it hadn’t.  Sorry!

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