With R, we where sure that she was going to be a boy.  Not that we don’t love our sweet little girl. Besides liking football.  R is all girly, girly.  She prefers dresses, and hair bows.  R loves anything cheerleading, and will most likely want to be a PeeWee one someday.  R also wants to be a dr or a nurse someday.

The baby at not even 20 weeks yet, loves to kick me way harder than big sister did at this point.  She is also bigger than most babies at this age.  If this holds true then she will be bigger than R. Both girls love to chew on their fingers.  As much, as I love both our girls.  I still would like a boy.  Then again, a boy with two older sisters poor boy.  We are getting a male dog, when the baby is older.  Who knows, maybe Emily will be more of a tomboy.  I am going to make sure, she doesn’t have all hand-me-downs from big sister.  I think we did get rid of some of R’s baby clothes.  The ones she spit up all over or had just worn out.

R’s allergies have been really bad this fall.  She is on her second cold, and just coughs and coughs at night.  This is not the first time, she has been sick this month.  So please pray she feels better soon.


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  1. Just confirmed you as one of my blogging friends on facebook. Right now I can use all the prayers I can get. Surgery went well, but recover is going to be slow. I really need to get back to work for the balance of the 12 weeks this year. My granddaughter is one of the things that has been keeping me go. She is such a sweetie. # 2 is or will be here anytime. Contractions—etc. she did reach week 36 so hope she hangs on a bit longer.
    just to let that little one grow a bit more.

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