R’s birth story

I switched drs while pregnant with R.  I would rather not get into why.  A doctor who is a major arrogant jerk delivered her.  I find their whole medical system very messed up.  I mean with the hospital, and their drs.  No one should have to be treated like a third-rate patient and with that hospital system you will be.  The drs always know best.  HA!!  In this day and age, it is really easy to find a bad dr.  Hard to find a good one, and that is a shame.

I was forced to have a c-section, that was never needed.  Told I had other problems, which if he had actually done his job he would have seen that no I did not have those problems.  I would like to thank them for one thing.  I don’t trust drs, the whole medical system is messed up.  The patient is always right, you know your own body best.  Never hesitate to get a second opinion.

Thanks to his incompetence, I can’t seek the natural birth I wanted with Emily.   I have to go with a hospital birth and not a birth center.  I do have a wonderful dr, though.

His office is still a nightmare, and the lines they feed both me and my new drs office is crazy.  Why in the world, are you in the medical profession if you DON”T WISH TO DO YOUR JOBS.  Patients have a right to know what you are doing and why, always.  C-sections and formula aren’t normal.  No, I don’t agree with either-unless it is absolutely necessary.

You can take some herbs while pregnant, and they are best.  Better than going on an antibiotic.  antibiotics and pregnancy are never good.  I do believe in natural parenting and will continue to.  No, we don’t follow all natural parenting to a t.  But for the most part we do, and no it’s not easy.  I will write more on Natural parenting later.

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