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Our three-year old apparently loves snow.  She has only seen it once in her young life and in Texas at that, I am still convinced God was laughing when we saw snow at home!  Anyway, she informed her father and I that she would like to see snow this year.  Snow of up to 10-12 inches, she really did say this.  I doubt R will be seeing snow this winter, and not the amount she would like to see. We are staying close to home since I am pregnant.  She enjoys watching it snow in the North East on the Weather Channel though.  Silly girl!  For those, who don’t know R has only visited southern states and we live in Texas.

It seems all of our neighbors seem to want to feed the stray cats.  Which means we are attracting more stray cats.  It drives Princess, our cat batty at times.  I guess she gets jealous.  We don’t want another cat.  The next pet we are in agreement will be a dog, and Robert says no dog until Emily is 1.  R wants a Bichon Frise, just like her sitter’s.

Daddy isn’t too sure he wants a white fluffy dog.  But Bichon’s are good dogs, and that what he gets for having a girly girl.  The girly girl who he usually gives in to.

I did have a good birthday.  We ate at my fave Mexican restaurant, R danced and Emily kicked.  Her way of saying I liked it too Mommy!  I got a necklace, which I will take a picture of later.  I have no excuse for being a bad blogger this week.


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  1. I would love to get snow again this year! Granted, you can’t really call our dusting “snow” but they kids LOVED It!

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