Letter of Intent


Dear PETA,

Really you people are so DISGUSTING.  To even suggest to a grade school age child to eat their dog for Thanksgiving, then why eat Turkey.  If my child saw that ad, she would be traumatized and would cry.  No, she not in school yet but really!!!  Oh, and we don’t own a dog! Dogs and cats are family members.  If someone wishes to eat Turkey that is their choice, but to have an ad like that for kids.  You really could have chosen your audience better.


An Animal Loving Family

Dear Heb,

Thanks so much for not having pumpkin bread.  Oh, and your bathrooms were really disgusting.  I just wanted a simple box mix.  It really isn’t that much to ask for and since my local heb had it just weeks ago.  You also could have been way friendlier.  But I guess selling pumpkin bread isn’t that big of a deal.  I mean the pumpkin bread was only for my husband’s company.  No, big deal that you ticked off a sick, getting hungry pregnant woman.  Thank you to the store where I finally found pumpkin bread, I could have hugged you people literally.  Btw, Hubby doesn’t like pumpkin, sweet potatoes or cranberry.  I say he is weird.

The Woman who loves anything Pumpkin

I still don’t feel the best with this illness, not that the weather is helping.  I will spare you the details but I need to feel better soon!


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  1. I have not seen that ad by PETA but it sounds offensive. Our pets are not the same thing as a wild animal. Whatever PETA.

    Glad you found the pumpkin bread mix and I hope it tastes so wonderful that all the effort it took to buy it is worth it!

    Thanks for linking up and I hope you feel better soon! (I was always sick when pg too.)

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