Great Weekend and Vacation

Saturday, R went to her new sitter’s while we went to dinner and a movie.  We saw Puss in Boots, it was good. R actually met her new sitter a while ago, she has watched R at church. She impressed me by her manners and everything, plus she shook my hand.  R adores her, and they have a lab.  They played games and watched movies.  R cried when she left their house, she wanted her sitter back.  She was worn out, which is a good thing!!

We watched the rest of the Baylor vs Oklahoma game.  Great game, and no we aren’t OU fans.  The first college team I ever liked was Baylor and it was the first campus I toured. Their campus is so beautiful.  For years, I wanted to attend Baylor.  So yes, we where for Baylor!!  I was so happy that they won!!!  All of other teams also won and UT lost.  That makes for a great day!

R is kind of on vacation this week.  She gets to stay up late and we aren’t on a schedule.  She is going to have summer school though.  We don’t want her to lose anything over the summer.  She is going to see a movie on Wednesday with friends.  Her first movie.  Three can be a tough age, but at the same time I like age 3.  She is such a little chatterbox.  She is eating us out of house and home.  Seriously the kid can put away more food than her Daddy.

Three-year-old are so not babies.  They tell you what they like, and don’t like.  They can be great helpers.

A sad note.  The water supply in my hometown has pretty much dried up.  Yes, this has never happened before, then again a drought this bad hasn’t before either.  They have bought water from another source for so many months.

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