Had to take R to the doctor this morning.  Turns out she has pinkeye, her eye isn’t red it just has icky discharge.  Either way she hasn’t been to the doctor in over a year.  She weighs just under 30 lbs and just had a growth spurt.  GO R!!!!  The kid who eats like a horse.

She is having allergy testing done again in Jan, so she will be going back in about 6 weeks groan.  We did buy her a new leotard last weekend on clearance-turns out we have to exchange it.  She is too pudgy for it, lol.  Ironically, one of R’s friends had pink eye last week.  I don’t think R caught from her though.  I know next year, might be rough with R in school all day.  All the germs she will bring home with her.

I found some warm fuzzy socks last week.  For myself, R loves them and wants some for herself.  Where do you find warm fuzzy socks for a toddler? Then again it may also be the colors, pink strips and polka dots.

We have an elf on the mantle.  R ignores him.  He is cute though!!  We have ordered Christmas stockings, 4 of them with our names on them.  I can’t wait to see the finished product.

My hair is really fluffy these days, I am getting a trim soon.  I got new brown boots, I love em.  I love boots. I love our cooler weather!

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