Another Day

Another day……another temper tantrum.  I get the fact that 3 is a tough age, but

still.  It takes it toll on Emily and I, too.  Emily DOES NOT like her sister’s loud top of the lungs screaming.  She did manage to dress herself, matching with shoes.  Ok, she always dresses herself matching not so much. Not that I care that she matches, I really don’t.  I pick my battles carefully.  She is even trying to dress weather appropriate.

Speaking of weather this is December.  Cold, wet and no sun.  Kind of starting to miss the sun, and kids not being able to play outside are going stir crazy.  R loves wearing her heavy coat, and her snow boots as she calls them.  No, she doesn’t own snow boots.

Oh, after throwing her fit she asked for more food.  Seeing as she weighs just under 30 lbs, she has gained.  We find another outfit every week that barely fits, course since they are winter outfits do I really care.  Then again, if we have a long winter.  Here is hoping, Emily is a completely different three-year old!

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