We were very happy that Robert Griffin the third won the Heisman.  I grew up in minutes from Waco and the Baylor Bears.  I love Waco, love it.  Still want to move back-yep that one is not happening.  Anyway, the first college I ever toured Baylor.  The first team I ever cheered for was the Bears.  So for a Baylor Bear to win the Heisman, was a dream come true.  That they are playing in a great bowl game close to home also great!!  It almost makes A&M bad season worth it.  (Don’t push your luck.)

I also dreamed of attending Baylor for years.  Never did.  Where I grew up you where either an Aggie fan or a Bear fan.  Cause we are just country people.

So for a local boy to win a Heisman, it is a big deal.  Go BEARS!!!  We are very proud of your great season.

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