29 Weeks

I have had a bad case of nerves today and some this week.  Around this time, my doc with R became well mean.  Honestly, I think it was patient abuse.  Also, makes me wonder how much it happens.  You should never berate a patient, and a PATIENT should never put up with it.  I can’t even go past the hospital R was delivered at.

I would have a midwife but I was turned down, due to stupid moron doctor.  Then the midwives, I did meet I didn’t like.  I love my dr though.  That is saying alot, since I don’t trust most doctors.  Anyway, everything still looks good and you can’t ask for better than that.  Although, I think my feet may have gotten bigger.  If the next 11 weeks, continue like this we will all be happy!  And since, I can’t let stuff get me down and I know this.  I rewarded myself with a decaf peppermint mocha, YUM!!

I am thankful we aren’t going anywhere this year.  Really I am, it seems to be less stressful.  Sorry family, but I am.  It doesn’t mean, I don’t miss people though.

It really makes you feel good knowing you have so many more lbs to gain and everything else.  Seeing as some shirts barely fit me as is.  Emily and I are both healthy though, and her growth is normal.

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