Better to Give Than Receive

We are trying to get R to realize all the good of Christmas.  Somehow after the comment, she made yesterday I think it is setting in.  Either that or she is listening in Church. I am not that much into Christmas, Hubby is.  Yes, R has seen Santa, some Christmas movies, and lights.  Does she believe in Santa?  I don’t think so.  I don’t want her to force to believe in Santa, if she chooses to then fine.  She does love going to see Santa.

We have an elf on the shelf but she ignored him.  All of a sudden he is a friend, who she named Belle.  We named him, George.  He sleeps in her room.

We always help out at Church during the month of December.  This year, a bit less due to sickness.  This year, we also have two Angel Tree kids.  That is something we want to be able to do every year.

A friend of mine was saying, that their Angel Tree kid had toilet paper on their list.  That really kind of put stuff in perspective.  Minutes later, R called me from the bathroom.  She had unrolled an almost full roll of tp.

Not that I am trying to saying that giving only needs to happen at Christmas.  It doesn’t.  But we really want R to have the right idea.  To be thankful for what she does have.  Not sure a 3 year-old can understand that, but she is pretty simple.  She does love to help others and cheer them up.

I am also trying to have either a gift limit or price limit to R’s toys at Christmas.  Hubby still has not agreed to either yet.  Small steps.

Our little community had it’s yearly Christmas light up last night.  The lights are always so pretty.  I like our little area.

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